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2015 Softball Schedule
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 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 139:00 AM vs. (5) Oklahoma City UniversityFort Worth, TX Details
 11:00 AM vs. (RV) Our Lady of the Lake UniversityFort Worth, TX Details
 3:00 PM vs. (18) University of Houston - VictoriaFort Worth, TX Details
 Senior College Cowtown Classic
 149:00 AM vs. Doane CollegeFort Worth, TX Details
 11:00 AM vs. (11) Belhaven UniversityFort Worth, TX Details
 Senior College Cowtown Classic
 202:00 PM @ Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityBartlesville, OK Details
 Game 2 @ Oklahoma Wesleyan UniversityBartlesville, OK Details
 241:30 PM @ Avila UniversityKansas City, MO Details
 Game 2 @ Avila UniversityKansas City, MO Details
 281:00 PM vs. Briar Cliff UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Briar Cliff UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 11:00 PM vs. College of Saint MaryLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. College of Saint MaryLeavenworth, KS Details
 62:00 PM vs. Baker UniversityWichita, KS Details
 6:00 PM vs. Langston UniversityWichita, KS Details
 Friends University Round Robin
 712:00 PM vs. Bacone CollegeWichita, KS Details
 4:00 PM @ Hastings CollegeWichita, KS Details
 6:00 PM vs. York CollegeWichita, KS Details
 Friends University Tournament
 81:00 PM vs. Graceland UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Graceland UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 102:00 PM vs. Midland UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Midland UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 111:00 PM @ Rockhurst UniversityKansas City, MO Details
 Game 2 @ Rockhurst UniversityKansas City, MO Details
 131:00 PM vs. Nebraska Wesleyan UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Nebraska Wesleyan UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 151:00 PM vs. Missouri Valley CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Missouri Valley CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
 192:00 PM vs. Hastings CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Hastings CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
 211:00 PM @ Missouri Valley CollegeMarshall, MO Details
 Game 2 @ Missouri Valley CollegeMarshall, MO Details
 2212:00 PM vs. Presentation CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. Presentation CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
242:00 PM @ (RV) Ottawa UniversityOttawa, KS Details
Game 2 @ (RV) Ottawa UniversityOttawa, KS Details
281:00 PM vs. Kansas Wesleyan UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
Game 2 vs. Kansas Wesleyan UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
13:00 PM @ Sterling CollegeSterling, KS Details
Game 2 @ Sterling CollegeSterling, KS Details
41:00 PM vs. Bethel CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
Game 2 vs. Bethel CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
75:00 PM @ Tabor CollegeHillsboro, KS Details
Game 2 @ Tabor CollegeHillsboro, KS Details
 96:00 PM @ (RV) MidAmerica Nazarene UniversityOlathe, KS Details
 Game 2 @ (RV) MidAmerica Nazarene UniversityOlathe, KS Details
111:00 PM vs. Bethany CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
Game 2 vs. Bethany CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
155:00 PM @ Friends UniversityWichita, KS Details
Game 2 @ Friends UniversityWichita, KS Details
181:00 PM vs. McPherson CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
Game 2 vs. McPherson CollegeLeavenworth, KS Details
215:00 PM @ Southwestern CollegeWinfield, KS Details
Game 2 @ Southwestern CollegeWinfield, KS Details
 242:00 PM vs. (RV) Bellevue UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 Game 2 vs. (RV) Bellevue UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 2512:00 PM vs. Avila UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 Senior Day
 Game 2 vs. Avila UniversityLeavenworth, KS Details
 30  @ TBAGreat Bend, KS Details
 KCAC Conference Tournament
 1  @ TBAGreat Bend, KS Details
 KCAC Conference Tournament
 11  @ TBATBA Details
 NAIA Opening Round May 11-13
 22  @ TBASioux City, IA Details
 NAIA World Series May 22-28