Incoming Athletes

Welcome to the University of Saint Mary!


The Athletic Training Department requires that all athletes have ALL of the following information electronically filed on the Athletic Trainer System (ATS) before they can begin practicing:



General Contact Information

Medical History Questionnaire

      (official documents or USM Immunization Record Form)

Insurance Information
      (details of Primary Insurance Policyholder are needed)

Emergency Contact Information

A Copy of Their Insurance Card

Athletic Care Policy
      (must be signed and dated; you can sign electronically on ATS)

A Copy of Their Physical Exam
      — Download a physical exam form here.

Secondary Insurance Policy Form
      — Download a secondary insurance policy form here.

Pre-existing Injury Medical History Form
      — Download a pre-existing injusry medical history form here.

The Athletic Training Department requires physical exams prior to the beginning of the season.

The physical is good for two years of eligibility, and must be renewed in the event of any major injury or illness that may take place.


Download and Complete the Enrollment Form

Review the USM Health Insurance Benefit Summary 


Q: I don't have an Athlete ID or password for ATS:
A: The first time you use ATS you will enter New for the username and New for the password. As you fill out the general contact information you will create an Athlete ID (username) and password of your choice.

If you have lost your Athlete ID or password please email [email protected].


Q: I am unable to upload required documents (i.e. Physical, Insurance Card, Immunization records):
A: These files must be under 1 MB.
If you are still unable to load your files directly into ATS, you may submit them via email or fax:

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 913-758- 4383 attn: Head Athletic Trainer Raeann Bromert


Q: We have our own medical insurance—can we waive the athletic fee?
A: Unfortunately, the USM Athletic Fee cannot be waived (even if you only practiced for one day). The fee includes multiple insurances and other athletic-associated fees.

Our Secondary Insurance is just that—it comes secondary to your primary insurance.

Also included in the fee is accident insurance for injuries occurring on campus, catastrophic insurance, and various athletic expenses.


Q: How long is a physical good for, and can anyone give the physical?
A: The physical is good for two years, and must be performed by a Medical Doctor. Physicals administered by Chiropractors or Nurse Practitioners will not be accepted.

It is preferred if your Primary Care Physician in your hometown—who knows you best—gives you the physical.

The physical must be filled out on USM Pre-Participation Physical Form.


Q: What all needs to be completed in order to start practicing?
A: All forms must be completed and cleared by the Athletic Training Department in order to begin practicing and playing in games.

Everything is due by August 1.